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The Outlaw Wolf

Con Artist Att. Janet Frederick-Wilson & The Detroit News

10:46, Mar. 13, 2008 .. Link
To: Delores Flynn / The Detroit News

Hello, it has been brought to my attention that you have, most likely, been an unwitting participant in Attorney Janet Frederick-Wilson’s, Parents for Children Scam.

Confused? Allow me to explain.

Parents for Children and Attorney Janet Frederick-Wilson, use any and all articles placed in print to promote their scam, even if they have to slightly alter them in some cases.

The article you wrote on February 6, 2008, Security outside court slammed, is just another piece of positive propaganda that they can use to make unsuspecting parents believe that they are indeed trying to help instead of just getting their money, which is their real objective.

By exploiting your article with a catchy headline like “Wayne County Commissioners make $68,000/yr plus benefits for 15 of them - totaling nearly $1,100,000. But they can't afford one security guard to ensure the public safety of their own "Hall of Justice." “

The article, while innocent enough, and truly a problem issue, now becomes just another ploy that Parents for Children will use to gain parents confidence. Parents for Children will use this article to make people believe that they not only have media support, but that they are also actively trying to make a difference.

I have personally done several blog postings exposing both Attorney Janet Frederick-Wilson, and Parents for Children and their scam. (see links below, these are just a few of the articles, I have many)

Of course since you do not know me, I wouldn’t want you to just take my word for it. Try this link to the Lawyers Rating site, and see just what other people think of this con artist.

Just once, I would like to see the media informing the people of a potential, dangerous, con artist, instead of promoting the scam and helping the con artist out.

Are you worried about a libel law suit?

If that were the case, as an attorney, even a half assed one, would surely have sued me already, unless what I am saying is the truth, and I could prove it.

I am posting this email to you on my blog, and would appreciate your response, you have my email address.

Regardless of what you do, I just wanted to let you know, that you were supporting a con-artist.

Attention Readers: Since I personally think that these con-artist's should be exposed for the crooks that they are, if you or anyone has any information concerning Parents for Children or Attorney Janet Frederick-Wilson, maybe it would be a great idea to let Delores Flynn and or The Detroit News, know how you feel.

You can reach Delores Flynn at (248) 647-7225 or
Robert W. Magee
The Outlaw Wolf

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